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Lindsay Clark

Blogger, Lover, Disciple


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Hey there! Your curiosity has brought you here, so let me give you what you've been looking for, the down low on what makes me, me. I'm Lindsay, Clark, or Clarky - whichever name you choose suits me just fine.

Originally a prairie girl, I've currently relocated to the most beautiful city in the world: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. While I'm now surrounded by majestic lakes and mountains I am still very much a farm girl at heart. I daydream about driving a tractor in fields of golden wheat, and coming home to a good Ukranian perogy dinner smelling like a barn yard.


I enjoy every aspect of life and will always try something at least once, including jumping out of a plane, eating deep fried crickets, and diving shipwrecks. Life should be lived abundantly, and I love adventure!


I'm also a real lover. 

love Love LOVE... this is a word I can't get enough of. My little dog Tuli gets the brunt of my love surges, and she has learned just to hold still until the smothering is over: resistance is futile! 









As you read through my blog you'll get a pretty good feel for who I am and what I value, and I hope it gives you a glimpse into my heart. Here is a (super condensed) list of some of the things that I love the most:

Laughing hysterically at my own jokes, sleeping in the sun, laying under the stars, sitting by a campfire, singing along to every song, hugging, sneezing, traveling with no plan, spooning with Tuli, happy crying, football games, and Jesus!


Speaking of Jesus, you really can't know who I am without  a description of what essentially makes me, me. It all comes down to my faith. I am crazy, madly, wildly in love with the creator of the Universe and His son Jesus. Everything I do is motivated by a love that compels, and a grace that has "ransomed" me to be who I was always created to be : A lovely daughter of the King.

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